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About the Author

Ann Basili


   A new age, ethically conscious writer

Welcome to the fascinating world of Ann Basili - Writer/ Author, Quantum Healer (QHHT® & Theta), Hypnotist/ past life regressionist, Counsellor, Jewellery artist & Earth Lover.

Ann lives with her little Pomeranian Aura-Luna in the Southwest of WA in the country town of Margaret River. Surrounded by nature, she spends much of her time in the forest or by the ocean either meditating, walking or simply sitting, admiring the beauty Margaret River has to offer.

When Ann’s not amongst the trees, or by the ocean, she’s  usually writing, creating jewellery or working with people. Her work as a Quantum Healer has been a key instigator for her creative writing as it is like a portal into alternate universes where magical, mystical things exist; where nothing is impossible & all is probable.


Ann’s writing may be colourful and light hearted yet it remains meaningful and insightful. It reveals undertones of ethical consciousness and awareness in relation to humanity and the earth we live on. She hopes that the messages contained in her book will encourage children to consider carefully their role as guardians of this planet & take seriously their responsibilities to it and to each other. She feels that if only one thing is taken away from her book, it’s kindness to each other and to all living things. Then acting from a place of kindness you go out into the world to be and do great things that will leave only a positive impact.

From Ann to you,
Thank you.

*Note: Ann Basili has a BA in Sociology / Anthropology & a BA in Social Work.

She works privately as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner (QHHT®); Theta Healer® and counsellor.

You can view her professional website at ORION METAPHYSICAL

About the Book

"Astara and Erefrey,
Goddesses of the Realm
the Little Blue Planet"

by Ann M Basili

Illustrations by Amali McKay

" The story just dropped into me. I felt immediately that this was a Divine Gift
that needed to be shared with the world"
~ Ann Basili ~

A&E_backcover_Edit2 copy.jpg


“One day whilst playing hide and seek
with a group of little angels and aliens,
the Goddesses heard a sobbing.
It was coming from a distant place in the galaxy.
They couldn’t really see outside of their realm
and so never really ventured beyond it.
But this crying made them want to take a closer look.
So off they both ventured toward the outer realm.

Right at the edge was a little blue planet. She looked so hurt and sad.
She was crying because the people that lived on her were always hurting her
and she didn’t know what to do. She felt so alone.
Did no one love her anymore? ”

This is an adventure of Astara and Erefrey,
Goddesses of the Realm and protectors of the stars and galaxies.
Come and join the sisters as they help rescue the little blue planet.

Book available from Amazon in Hard copy & Kindle


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