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Children's Books

"Astara And Erefrey, Goddesses of the Realm


The Little Blue Planet"


Written by Ann M Basili

Illustrated by Amali Mckay

“One day whilst playing hide and seek
with a group of little angels and aliens,
the Goddesses heard a sobbing.
It was coming from a distant place in the galaxy.
They couldn’t really see
outside of their realm
and so never really ventured beyond it.
But this crying made them want to take a closer look.
So off they both ventured toward the outer realm.

Right at the edge was a little blue planet. She looked so hurt and sad.
She was crying because the people that lived on her
were always hurting her
and she didn’t know what to do. She felt so alone.
Did no one love her anymore? ”

This is an adventure of Astara and Erefrey,
Goddesses of the Realm and protectors of the stars and galaxies.
Come and join the sisters as they help rescue the little blue planet.

Where to Buy



(Hard copy & Kindle)

Available for FREE on KINDLEunlimited  - Amazon

~ Marritree Gallery (inside the Witch & Windmill)

3 Redgate Rd, Witchcliffe, WA


~ Enchanted Margaret River
3/10 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River, WA


 ~ Augusta Margaret River Library

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